NAL East’s Indoor Air Quality Experts have the ability to investigate Indoor Air Quality problems. If building occupants are complaining of poor air quality or increased illnesses as colds, flu, asthma, weakness, burning eyes, itching skin, rashes, sore throats, allergies, lethargy, or headaches, then there is a possibility this could be Building Related Disease or Sick Building Syndrome. Our objective is to identify the problem and give specific actions needed to correct the situation.


We have no conflict of interest because we only do testing. With scientific documentation in your hand, you will know exactly what you’re up against with no hidden factors.

NAL East only does the testing. We have no conflict of interest. That is why banks, insurance companies, mortgage companies and many state and federal agencies accept our documentation. We hope the property is safe environmentally. We do the inspection with no desire to find elevated levels inside the property. But if there are, we will guide you with what needs to be done, if anything, from beginning to end.