Thank you for inquiring about NAL East Environmental Services Inc. (National Analytical Laboratories East) for your indoor air quality evaluation of a property that you are selling. In some cases, home inspectors don’t even know what mold is. Instead of saying that they are not sure what it is but it should be checked, they scare the buyer for no reason. If it is mold, it is usually an easy to clean issue. For your protection, you just want to check to see if there are any indoor air quality issues, and if they are, you want guidelines based on the results to have it remediated correctly. If no issues are present, which is what we hope for a certificate will be issued.

This inspection for the seller includes a visual inspection of the entire property or just the areas that you are concerned with. NAL East will include three (3) samples, at least two (2) of which are air samples using high volume air pumps to determine the quality of the air you are breathing. An outdoor air sample establishes a baseline for comparative evaluation of the indoor sample. Again, we will only concentrate on the specific areas that you want us to concentrate on.

You will receive a comprehensive report of the Environmental Consultants’ findings during the inspection, as well as an analytical report written by the microbiology lab stating what kinds of molds were present and at what levels. Keep in mind, every property has mold. It’s just a question of what kinds and how much. The microbiology lab will tell us if the levels found in your property are considered acceptable and if not, and if not, what is needed to make them acceptable.

If something is detected out of the norm that needs to be addressed, we will include step-by-step guidelines for remediation of that area. Pictures are taken and kept on file and you will receive a copy of those pictures with your microbial results report. Additional testing if needed, such as air-o-cell sampling, tape lift sampling, bulk samples, carpet vacuum dust samples, culture swab samples and culturable Petri Dish air samples are available at an additional charge (Packages are available).

Testing helps certify that there are no indoor air quality issues inside the property. We work closely with Attorneys, Banks, Builders, Contractors, Home Inspectors, Insurance Companies, Mortgage Companies, Property Managers, Realtors, Remediation Companies and many State and Federal Agencies. 

We protect your interest as our client and upon a successful inspection and sampling results, you will be provided with a certificate that you can forward to the bank, buyer and mortgage company.

Don’t let someone tell you that something needs to removed, or addressed without knowing what kind of mold is present or even if it is mold at all. It could be dark dust and/or dirt. There are many different species of mold and some are not harmful at all, therefore, nothing needs to be done. 

They make their money by telling you it’s bad and it has to be removed. NAL East only does the testing. We hope the property is safe environmentally. 

We have no conflict of interest. We do the inspection with no desire to find elevated levels inside the property. But if there is, we will guide you with what needs to be done, if anything from beginning to end. In most cases, nothing and in some cases, only minor clean-up is needed.

NAL East only uses A.I.A.Q.A. (American Indoor Air Quality Association) Council Certified Environmentalists. All inspections are strictly confidential and coded for privacy. Payment is due at the conclusion of the inspection

We have no conflict of interest because we only do testing. With scientific documentation in your hand, you will know exactly what you’re up against with no hidden factors. An in-depth results report will be provided to you and a basic results report can be prepared for the buyer, if needed.

NAL East currently follows the guidelines set forth by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), the New York City Department of Health (NYCDOH) and the California Occupational Health and Safety Administration (Cal-OSHA).

In many instances, either it isn’t mold, just black, white and/or green staining, or it is mold but at extremely low and acceptable levels, which make the cleanup much easier. In many cases, the kinds of mold detected is not the concerning kind. Remember, all black molds are not an issue, that’s why testing is so important. 

Again, keep in mind, every property has mold. It’s just a question of what kinds and how much and is it health concerning or not

Please feel free to call us with any questions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (215) 942-4888 or (877) 665-3837.